About Us


Tony has a wide range of Marketing and sales experience which has spanned nearly twenty five years.  After spending the first twelve years of his working life in an administration/training role for Sun Life he succumbed to the lure of Marketing.


To this end he achieved both the Certificate in Marketing in 1989 and the Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing in 1990. Since then he has worked for a range of companies providing a variety of working solutions.


Tony has gained sales and marketing experience within numerous organisations including the tobacco company Gallaher Limited, reputed to be one of the top five organisations in the country for sales training.

His roles have ranged from a front end sales role selling stock for cash to newsagents and pubs to selling at director level.  As a self-employed professional, Tony is also well-versed in managing Multiple Accounts as well as a wide range of promotional and marketing work.


In addition Tony has another passion, football and had a life long ambition to use his voice professionally.  He married the two firstly by returning to University to achieve the Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism at Falmouth. Since then he has provided regular reports on Sky Sports, Soccer Saturday programme.


He has also provided newsreading for radio stations and provided traffic reports for the BBC for a number of years now.


Tony is passionate about helping businesses develop and grow. His previous business experience and his qualifications will be valuable to someone who is looking to increase their business profile and ultimately profits.  Hopefully,  that someone is you!!


Besides football, Tony likes to travel and is always keen to take the opportunity to visit "off-the-beaten-track" type places, rather than the usual tourist destinations.


Paul has spent a lifetime in Internet and Communications technology in a career covering over 30 years.  As such he has seen many changes and has a passionate interest in learning about and developing ways in which technology can be used to support businesses.

He has worked for a number of companies, often alongside their marketing department.  An executive of a FTSE top-10 company once commented about Paul that he has "the rare ability to understand both business [needs] and technology and the ability to apply technology to business requirements".

Paul is no stranger to running a business, having helped build two successful businesses - in entertainment and publishing - as a partner. In addition he has been involved in business in many sectors including banking, insurance, agriculture, engineering, telephony, utilities, transport and hotels.

Paul thrives on learning how how individual businesses work and their goals and aims.  His degree included a module on investigating entrepreneurial opportunities and Paul gains immese satisfaction from taking a pro-active role in helping others attain their goals.

In his spare time Paul carries out relationship advice and counselling for a national charity.  His other interest, apart from the internet, are travel, fine dining, gardening, cycling and hill-walking/backpacking.